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Not Your Little Lady

Podcast by Allison Carter and Sarah Gillis

Not Your Little Lady is a podcast featuring women living outside of the South’s socially accepted norms. Listen and relate as we laugh, cry and share stories about facing obstacles and how it feels to come out on the other side. We will talk about things that piss us off, the booze we like to drink, and historical women who have made a difference. Topic experts will give advice and relay realistic steps on how to implement it in our daily lives. We’ll explore the importance of women owning their past, present and future while keeping it light and funny, like a lady will do.

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An Agent of Change

Climate Change. That’s a phrase that has been banned by our current administration, so what does that mean to climate scientists and how does that action impact their teaching opportunities, research and the overall attitude of society towards the scientific community as a whole?

These thoughts are why Ep. 29 – An Agent of Change’s guest is Kim Cobb, a climate scientist at Georgia Tech and director of the new Global Change program at the same organization. On the episode, you’ll learn what it is like to be a climate scientist in the American South. Cobb talks about what she’s learned during the 19 years she has done research on coral reefs in the South Pacific. She also gives tips on how to reduce your own carbon footprint and talks about the future of climate science.

The Who’s that lady (from history)? is Hilda Solis, a politician from California. 

Listen Here highlights Sunshine & Powercuts, a podcast about living off the grid. 



Nice and Sparkly

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show a mother she is appreciated than to ask her to tell her story. With that in mind, this episode’s guest is host Allison’s momma. Her momma, Patty Carter, has been a janitor for a variety of school systems in Georgia over the past 19 years. On this episode, she gives the listener insight into what her job entails by talking about how she became a janitor, obstacles she’s faced and why she loves her job. 


The Who’s that lady (from history)? is Harriet Chalmers Adams.

A Pot Full of Flowers

Now that Winter is over – or at least supposed to be…looking at you 55-degree highs in April – nature is coming back to life. Flowers are blooming. Trees are sprouting leaves and the grass is turning bright green. Nature is unarguably beautiful. 

On this episode guest, Nadene Mairesse of Idyllwilde Studios talks about gathering nature’s beauty to create natural dyes for the clothing she designs. But, nature is more than just beautiful. It’s useful. Mairesse informs us about the ins and outs of using nature to create beautifully dyed fabrics, why she chose natural dyes over chemical dyes, her experiences while foraging and how you can also learn to make natural dyes. 

Plus learn what a Purpura snail is and what color ink can be made from its milk.

The Who’s that lady (from history)? is La Lupe, aka the Latin Queen of Soul. 

For Listen Here Allison highlights This Podcast Will Kill You.

Resources: Idyllwilde.coInstagram: @idyllwilde

Harvesting Color by Rebecca Burgess



Chocolate Milk Mommies

Breastfeeding is natural and yet there are certain stigmas associated with it. Chocolate Milk Mommies – a group based out of Birmingham, Alabama – is working to break those stigmas through education. On this episode Rauslyn Adams and Jennifer Miller – two of the group’s six founders – talk about their personal experiences with breastfeeding, give tips and discuss the work Chocolate Milk Mommies is doing to support women of color who breastfeed. 

This week’s Who’s that lady (from history)? is Fatima al-Fihri. 


Chocolate Milk Mommies: Instagram, Facebook

Let’s Talk Breastfeeding with Jennifer Miller

Fever: My Favorite Summer Song and Yours Too

This episode's post is just going to direct you directly to our Who's that lady (from history)?'s song. It'll likely be my Summer soundtrack.

One Year Anniversary

Today is a special day you guys! It marks the 1 year anniversary of Not Your Little Lady. On this special day I'd like to suggest you listen to for the first time or again the debut episode, What is a lady? The previous version was a bit hard to hear at times because...


Do you remember the first time you had a beer? Not just a sip, but a full beer? I sure do. It was 2007. My friends and I were studying abroad in Florence, Italy. We had scheduled a weekend getaway to Dublin, Ireland on the much-loathed RyanAir. Our seats were quite...

Things to Think On

While recording Ep. 22 - Loving in the South I thought of a few things. The episode's guest, Benita, discussed these topics with me, but I feel like they are worth noting again. I learned I had never thought of dating in the South from the perspective of a woman of...